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After many years of investing in real estate based tax liens, John Kelly founded JFK Capital Advisors and the National Tax Asset Funds. JFK Capital Advisors is a New Orleans hedge fund that manages the multimillion dollar National Tax Asset Funds (NTAF). These funds currently focus on purchasing and collecting tax liens and deeds. Tax liens and deeds are safe and secure investments; the returns are mandated by state law and secured by the real estate. These facts largely protect the investments from stock market swings, commodity prices, the Federal Reserve, debt levels or foreign economies.


JFK Capital Advisors is dedicated to achieving high rates of return for investors. For tax lien investments, it utilizes proprietary due diligence and monitors tax sales around the nation, participates in the tax sale auctions, and facilitates the collections. JFK Capital Advisors' management methods ensure that the tax lien investments are in the best possible properties that fit its model and gains are realized in a timely manner. The funds participating in the purchases earn penalties and interest for the holding period of the tax liens or deeds.


JFK Capital Advisors is currently developing an equity-based investment fund, and expanding its investments into various other real estate instruments.


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